Christina's Buttercream Frosting

Feb. 25, 2019, noon

1 cup butter (Real Butter – not lite, not unsalted)
1 cup Crisco
Two dashes of salt

Mix well then add:

3 oz. Milk
flavoring (see below)
@ 1 lb. powdered sugar

Mix well, then slowly add while mixing:
1 lb. powdered sugar (the recipe needs 2 lbs. Total)

Flavoring choices:

2 t. vanilla (use clear vanilla unless you want an ivory frosting) or
2 t. almond or
2 t. maple (this is wonderful on spice cake – deep ivory colored icing) or
1 t. peppermint (scant)

Chocolate variation:

7 oz. milk instead of 4.5 oz.
2 t. vanilla
Add 1 ½ cup Cocoa powder with the milk,
mix well, then add powdered sugar.

Cream Cheese:
Instead of the butter use 1 cup cream cheese, and use 1 t. vanilla flavoring. This is a soft frosting, so some decorating techniques will be difficult and will droop. Don’t even try roses in this icing.


Additional Information about Einkorn Sourdough

Feb. 21, 2019, 10:38 a.m.

This sourdough bread is not like any other bread you have ever eaten. Bread in many societies around the world is considered sacred and the Arabic word for bread is the same word as for life. Bread used to be very nutritious, made with whole grain milled with stone, soured for 24 hours – this pre-digests so much of the nutrients that it's easy for your body to digest the bread. When bread began to be made with active dry yeast it was to make the process faster and less expensive for factories to produce bread. Yeast reduces the process of proofing the dough to a couple of hours instead of 24 hours. This process makes the bread less digestible. The pale white bread you get in the store – even the ones made with whole wheat – even the ones labeled “sourdough” - pale in nutrition compared to the loaf of bread we had in class. You truly could live on this bread, but as the Bible says, man cannot live on bread alone, he needs the Word of God, too.
Why s...


Routine of Sourdough

Feb. 20, 2019, 10:34 a.m.

When you take your starter home from class, refresh it either that day or the next day.  This is how you do it.

Put 10 grams of your starter in a small bowl.  Scrape it off the zip bag with a dinner knife.

Add 30 grams of warm water (no warmer than 100 degrees)

Mix this with a fork until it is MOSTLY dissolved and the water is creamy.

Then add 60 grams of einkorn all-purpose flour.  Stir with a fork until all the flour is absorbed.

This process takes maybe two minutes.

Set the bowl out on your counter for 5 to 12 hours until it has increased in size and bubbles a little.

When this happens, cover with plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator in a dark spot until your are ready to make bread.  You can leave it their for up to a month, BUT it's better to take it out every week and make something with it or refresh it.

You're done with your starter.  

The nig...


Einkorn Sourdough Bread

Feb. 19, 2019, noon

Einkorn is the original ancient grain, which dates back to the beginning of time. When compared to the modern, highly modified wheat of today, einkorn's unhybridized genetics and low gluten levels make it more compatible with the human body and easier to digest.
Nutrients are also more abundant in einkorn grain than in modern wheat. Einkorn offers:
higher protein, phosphorus, and vitamin B6
two times more vitamin A
four times more beta-carotene and lutein
5 times more riboflavin
Highly nutritious, unhybridized and low in gluten, einkorn flour is a must-have for your pantry!

Baking with einkorn flour:

Einkorn can be used to make every type of baked good. You will quickly taste how much more sustaining and flavorful your food is when made with einkorn. It makes beautiful pasta too.
Einkorn flour is easy to use and can be substituted in a 1:1 ratio with all-purpose or whole wheat flours. However, einkorn does take som...